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Spanish Classes for Kids, Teens and Mums in Australia.

Come and Learn Spanish Online with us. We offer fun and engaging Spanish lessons, and authentic content delivered by a native Spanish speaker to help you learn the beautiful Spanish language in a natural way.

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Learn Spanish Online With Us

Kyra’s stories made it much easier to associate verbs with context and introduced multiple people and places. Each person and place had its own story that built each week to add numbers, animals and colours, as well as actions. The conversational nature of the story also…Read our Google Reviews

Raymond Janz (Google Reviews)

My daughter had an amazing time learning through Spanish Connect. The style of teaching using a story made learning Spanish enganging and fun for her. Not to mention the amount of growth and improvement I saw within only ten lessons. After every lesson she’d come…Read our Google Reviews

Kisanthi Atapattu (Google Reviews)

My teen has been taking online Spanish classes with Kyra for the past year and we have been very impressed with her teaching. Kyra is a patient and enthusiastic teacher who makes learning Spanish fun and engaging for the students. My teen has made… Read our Google Reviews  

Susana Ganzei (Google Reviews)

Why Learn Spanish Online?

493 Million Native Speakers

21 Spanish Speaking Countries

2ndMost Spoken Language in the World

24 Million People Learning Spanish Right Now!


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Embracing Natural Spanish Language Immersion

We focus on providing immersive Spanish language experiences through language acquisition, similar to the way children develop ability in their first language, creating the path to language proficiency in a natural and enjoyable way.

Interactive & Communicative Online Learning

We provide group and private Spanish classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. They learn Spanish online in a fun and interactive way through stories, games, arts or crafts, which helps them develop memorable experiences, learning at their own pace.

Fun & Engaging Spanish Language Activities

We provide a unique experience helping students develop their speaking, listening and reading abilities through fun, short and engaging communicative activities. Our Spanish courses, considered by many the best Spanish lessons around, are compelling and meaningful, keeping the children engaged and motivated while they learn to speak Spanish.

Native Spanish Speaking Teacher

Our classes in Spanish are delivered by a native Spanish speaker, who is university qualified and trained in up-to-date teaching methodologies to provide the best way to learn Spanish online for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Our Programs

A Range of Learning Options


Our Spanish lessons for Kids are offered during school terms for students from 5 years old. There are online group and private lessons available in this program.


Our Spanish lessons for Mums are specially designed to help mums learn Spanish online fast through storytelling at convenient and flexible times during the day.

Spanish immersion

Travel to Spain and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, interact with native speakers, and embrace the vibrant cultural traditions.


Our video-based Spanish stories blend real-life language, expressions, and culture, offering a natural path to Spanish fluency.

SPANISH in the Kitchen

A quarterly initiative to learn Spanish while making delicious recipes from your own kitchen. Enquire now and don’t miss out.

Resources for Spanish Learners

A curated collection of articles, books and other resources aimed at enhancing your exposure to the Spanish language and culture.


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Spanish Classes Sydney Melbourne Brisbane And More…

Spanish Connect® Australia is a language school offering Spanish classes for children, teens and mums. Our students learn Spanish online from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart, and other regional centres in Australia and New Zealand.

We truly believe that children who learn Spanish as a second language will become better global citizens through cultural awareness and the ability to communicate with more people around the world.

Our native Spanish speaking teacher is passionate about sparking interest, planting seeds, developing and helping master a second language by making children fall in love with the Spanish language and culture!

Let Us Be Your Spanish Coach, Start Your Online Spanish Classes Today, Come And Learn With Us!


Discover our curated collection of articles aimed at enhancing your Spanish language learning journey. Explore a wide range of topics, from helpful resources to practical tips, including how to choose the best Spanish class, tips on travelling to Spain, and how to teach basic Spanish to your little kids at home, among others. Make your experience both enjoyable and effective as you delve into the world of Spanish language learning through these engaging  articles.


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